2018 Skipper of the Year (SOTY) Tournament Schedule

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2018 Skipper of the Year (SOTY) Tournament Schedule

Postby Last Dime » Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:54 pm

The Boat Trolling Committee met on Thursday, November 9 at the APCC and set the schedule for the upcoming 2018 Boat Trolling Season. In attendance were Trolling Tournament Chairmen, Bob Ksionzek and Bob Feisel plus Skippers Tom Gorguze, Chris Turak, Dan Chisholm, Bob Jones, Fred Chartier, Don Mikros, Ken Cione, Don Jasman, Chuck Eddy, Chris Nytko, Denis Harper , Joe Von Grabe and Jim Zanke. The schedule is as follows:

2018 Skipper of the Year (SOTY) Tournament Schedule
Date------------Port--------------Port Captain

Sat. 4/21/18--Lexington-------Dan Chisholm
Sat. 5/5/18---St. Joseph-------Blaise Pewinski
Sat. 5/19/18--Grand Haven---Jim Zanke
Sun. 5/20/18
Sat. 6/2/18----Harbor Beach--Joe Von Grabe
Sat. 7/14/18---Holland---------Chris Turak
Sat. 8/4/18----Ludington------Bob Jones
Sat. 8/11/18---Manistee-------Tom Gorguze
Sat. 8/25/18---Rogers City-----Ken Cione

Tournament entry fees remain at a very affordable $10 per boat. With a meal for every crew member included, this is a super bargain in today’s expensive world. Best (Lowest) 5 scores out of 8 tournaments will determine Skipper of the Year. The Big Fish Pool will stay the same as last year; $20 with $10 going towards Big Salmon (Chinook, Coho or Atlantic), $5 towards Big Steelhead and $5 towards Big Lake Trout. The winner of each individual pool will take home the entire pot for that pool. In the event that no species is entered in a particular pool, that pool winner will be dertermined by drawing a name from the pool of skippers entered.

In addition, some outing dates were scheduled for Angler of the Year (AOTY) as follows:

2018 Angler of the Year (AOTY) Boat Trolling Outing Schedule
Date------------Port/Event--------------------Port Captain

TBD-------------Algonac/ Walleye Outing---Tom Gorguze
Sat. 7/7/18----Linwood/ Walleye Outing--Don Jasman
Sat. 9/15/18--Sterling State Park----------TBD
------------------Lake Erie/ Perch outing

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