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DAS Officers - 2010:
* Date in parenthesis indicates last year of current BOD Term.

President - Mark Williams (2012)(mwilliams@detroitsteelheaders.org)

Vice President - Bob Mitchell (2011)(bmitchell@detroitsteelheaders.org)

Secretary - Joe vonGrabe (2010)(jvongrabe@detroitsteelheaders.org)

Treasurer - Steve Hamilton (2011)(shamilton@detroitsteelheaders.org)

Membership Chairman - Tom Moores (2010)(tmoores@detroitsteelheaders.org)

DAS Board of Directors - 2010:

Jason Adam (2012) (jason_adam@detroitsteelheaders.org)

Dan Chisholm (2011) (dchisholm@detroitsteelheaders.org)

Bob Feisel (2010) (bfeisel@detroitsteelheaders.org)

Tom Gorguze (2011) (tgorguze@detroitsteelheaders.org)

Ed Horen (2012) (ehoren@detroitsteelheaders.org)

Bob Jones (2010) (bjones@detroitsteelheaders.org)

Bob Ksionzek (2010) (bksionzek@detroitsteelheaders.org)

Anthony Lewis (2012) (alewis@detroitsteelheaders.org)

Blaise Pewinski (2012) (bpewinski@detroitsteelheaders.org)

Bruce Tufford (2012) (btufford@detroitsteelheaders.org)

DAS Committees - 2010:

Detroit Area Steelheaders Webmaster (webmaster@detroitsteelheaders.org)

Scholarship Committee (scholarship@detroitsteelheaders.org)

Sportsman Dinner Committee (sportsmandinner@detroitsteelheaders.org)

We will be happy to provide additional club information by mail. Our mailing address is:

Detroit Area Steelheaders
P.O. Box 1255
Sterling Heights MI, 48311-1255