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About DAS

A Brief History

The Detroit Area Steelheaders (DAS) was originally organized as a chapter of the Michigan Steelhead and Salmon Fishing Association (MSSFA). Tom Schneider, John Makela, Ed Raquel and Joe Sizemore, as a committee of four, founded the club in September, 1974. The first organizational meeting was held on October 16, 1974. Forty one people attended that first gathering at the Northwood Inn. It was decided that the first ‘annual meeting’ would be held on December 4, 1974, and that date would be the official beginning of the chapter.

DAS quickly became the largest of all MSSFA chapters. It was DAS’ Super Spring Show that all other chapter shows were modeled after. The DAS started the first research trips on the Great Lakes, introduced river tournaments, and held salmon and steelhead river fishing clinics to teach the proper techniques in catching river run fish. This had never been done before.

In January, 1990, due to conflicts with MSSFA 96% of the members voted to withdraw DAS from MSSFA and be an independent organization. Our official name became the Detroit Area Steelheaders, Inc. a Michigan non-profit corporation.

Our official corporate purpose is: “To teach, inform, and guide the public to respect and appreciate the Great Lakes, rivers, and land around us. To promote and protect the fisheries resources therein.”

To Date, Detroit Area Steelheaders has given out donations of over $56,000. To see a complete listing of DAS' causes over the years, click Here.

For more club history and interesting reading, check out past issues of Fishin' Tales, DAS's monthly newsletter, availible Here.

Past DAS Presidents

Tom Schneider 1975 - 1976
John Makela 1977
Elton Luckritz 1978
Tom Schneider 1979
Gary Gray  1980 - 1981
Steve Hamilton 1982 - 1983
Tom Schrinel 1984
Bob Mitchell 1985 - 1986
Mike Zelkowski  1987 - 1988
Dave Even 1989 - 1990
Tim Graskewicz           1991 - 1992
Bob Gilbert 1993 - 1994
Doug Karakas 1995 - 1996
Don Redmond 1997 - 1998
Ray Banbury 1999 - 2000
Doug Karakas 2001
Ed Wilczek 2002 - 2003
Mark Bevans 2004 - 2005
Jason Adam 2006 - 2008
Mark Williams 2009 - 2010
Bob Jones 2011 - Current

Past DAS Meeting Locations

The Detroit Area Steelheaders was formed in September, 1974. Our initial meetings were held at the Northwood Inn on Woodward Ave. We have met in nine other locations since then. A few of our current members have been to meetings at all of these locations. Some places were better than others. Can you remember?

- Sept. 1974 Northwood Inn on Woodward
- July 1975 Troy Hilton, Stephenson & 15 Mile Rd.
- May 1977 Bonnie Brook Country Club, Telegraph at 8 Mile Rd.
- July 1979 Vladimir’s Restaurant, Grand River & 8 Mile Rd.
- Aug. 1980 American Legion Hall, 12 Mile Rd. in Berkley
- July 1982 Behnan Social Hall, Lahser near 10 Mile Rd. in Southfield
- Jan. 1985 Knight of Columbus Hall, Chicago Rd. in Warren
- Nov. 1996 American Legion Hall, 12 Mile & Rochester in Royal Oak
- Dec. 1998 Knight of Columbus Hall, Chicago Rd. in Warren
- Jan. 2009 Bass Pro Shop, Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills
- July 2009 American Polish Cultural Center(Current), 15 Mile Rd and Dequindre, Troy